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17-09-2019 09:06
Looking At The Past To Save The Future
Quote:Looking At The Past To Save The

“Don’t touch it, you can make me lose in the game! if you dare doing it again, I will slap you!” Anto shouted at his little sister. He was so angry at Ani because the four-year-old girl managed to take the smartphone that he uses to play Hill Climb Tayo. Despite of that fact, Ani is not the one to blame. As an a innocent little child, she does not have any idea whether her doings can bother anyone. It can be seen on what the girl just did to Anto. She suddenly held and pull the smartphone from Anto’s palm when hearing that the theme song of Tayo—her favorite cartoon program on TV—was played on the phone.
Quote:Looking At The Past To Save The

However, it is not about Ani’s innocence that drives her to do things that may be annoying for some people. It is about the way her brother dealing with others. A couple years ago, Anto was not as rude as he had been to his little sister or anyone. He was a nice boy who never missed even one day to do exciting things with his sister. The boy whose seventh birthday was on March 1st also often invites his sister to draw cartoon characters like Thomas and Friends, Lightning Mcqueen, Tayo, etc. Beside that, he also likes to bring Ani to feed their rooster since both of them were so happy to see how the rooster drinks water. They think it was so funny when the rooster has to raise its head in order to swallow the water. The two siblings was so happy at that times, as if there were nothing is more impotant for them than spending time together.

It was approximately more than a year ago when Anto’s behavior changed. One of his friends showed him some games on smartphone. The friend gave him some try on the games, too. Since he is fond of Tayo, the game Hill Climb Tayo becomes the game that he plays the most. When Anto had the game by downloading it on his mother’s smartphone, his time-spending turned to be an alone-activity. On the first two to three months, he started to ignore his lovely little sister. After that, it became worsen because he started to act roughly to Ani. One of Anto’s terrible actions was happened when Ani tried to take the smartphone from his hand and said that she wants to hear Tayo’s song. Thinking that it was a disturbance for him, Anto forcefully took her hand and quickly loose the girl’s hold from his hand. It hurt Ani so that she cried. It was so terrible for Ani because she no longer feels her brother’s love.
Quote:Looking At The Past To Save The

The development of technology has made the human’s life more practical. People who used to have dificulties to communicate with their relations now can be in touch with them anytime. In another case, the technology sophistication lets some sellers to sell their things without any store-building. They can make some website and promote the things they want to sell through the website. However, along with the benefits, the advance of technology would bring bad consequences if human were not careful in managing it. One of them is Anto’s case. He plays games on smartphone everytime. It turned him to be selfish and rude. Because his family did not recognize his behavior’s change earlier, the boy’s rudeness to his little sister had become a habit for him. Beside that, the consequence of his uncontrolled habit to play games on smartphone also made him pass the important moments for learning new things and developping his character.
Quote:Looking At The Past To Save The

The change of Anto’s behavior had been my attention for a long time because he lives in my neighborhood. Actually, I have seen the same case in other families. The more I see the effects of uncontrolled smartphone-using, the sadder I become. I am so sad to see children grow up with the terrible habit. The habit makes them to ignore their surroundings. Beside that, it also turns them to be aggressive. Like what have been seen on Anto’s case, children that uncontrolledly use smartphone are agressive. They often act rudely toward people that they assume bothering them and preventing them from playing games on smartphone. If the habit were continued, Anto’s future is threatened. He would be one of those who regret their problematic childhood.
Quote:Looking At The Past To Save The

These facts has motivated me to do something that is good for the future of children like Anto. Thinking about the solution was frustrating for me at first. However, my good intention finally gets its way. It is a couple weeks ago, when I met an old friend for a coffee. We talked about many things like how is our education progess, our planning in the future, and how we were in the past. The conversation about the past is the source of my inspiration becasue we also discussed the games that we used to play when we were children. It makes me get a good idea about the solution to stop children from using smartphone excessively.
Quote:Looking At The Past To Save The

In our childhood period, we also played exciting games. Different with the games that are usually played by children nowadays (smartphone games), we played traditional games. The collective traditional games were played by some persons, unlike the games on smartphones that is played by just a person. Playing collective traditional games brings some benefits to the players. The first one is that each player learns to communicate well. Since grouply-played games would be played by many individuals, each person in a team would communicate oftenly. The communication that is oftenly done would indirectly increase the team member’s communication skill. The second benefit is that each of the team member learns to be responsible. It is an undenied fact that every individual in a team would be given responsibility. So, during the game, the individuals in the team would learn the importance of being responsible. And the last benefit of playing collective traditional games is to avoid someone from selfishness because someone’s self importance would bring bad consequence to the team.
Quote:Looking At The Past To Save The

So, the traditional games that are played in group would be the solution of the case happened to Anto. It has the effects that are totally different from that of smartphones. Beside that, it can also be implemented to decrease the amount of children that use smartphone excessively. They will find the true happiness in the togetherness of playing collective traditional game. Not only that, since playing the collective traditional games makes each of the individual to work without any selfishness, it will also help the players’ character development.

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19-09-2019 03:08
Finally, thank god! Something worth reading. Not a trash like usual stuff posted here. Good writing. I encourage you to sustain this thread or to come with another one more interesting than this one.

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19-09-2019 04:45
Is it so? I think I still have many things to improve.. Just tell me if you find some errors and I'll do my good to sustain this, or make the another
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