Random Converation Questions Generator
Hello all,

I have made this simple application that can generate random conversation questions.
This application is made to help me practicing my english speaking skill so I can always "think in english" while I am speaking in english (if you know what I mean..LOL)

Questions are taken from this site: http://iteslj.org/questions/

The application is an Access database application so you can simply open it with Microsoft Access.

You know, in practicing our english speaking, we always need someone else as our conversation partner,
but we often do not have time to do that, perhaps we just may be able to do it in weekly or fortnightly'
So this application can help you to maintain your daily conversation by generating random question and you simply answer those questions anytime you want. It will increase your skill in english speaking by the time you meet a conversation partner.

How to input questions into database?
1. Open the application using Access
2. Open this site: http://iteslj.org/questions/. You will see several topics
3. Open Topic: Table in application
4. You have to fill the Topic column before you input the questions by topic. Whatch the Id generated by the table, you need this while inputting the question in Questions table
5. Then open Questions table, copy paste a question from the site in no.2 and the Id that has been generated in Topic table

How to open the application?
1. Click Form1
2. Click Home-> View -> Form View
3. If you get a security warning, then click options -> enable macro (enable this content). But I promise there is no virus or malware attached in this application!

You can download the application here:ELS Questions


If you have the same similar application and no need installation, you can share with me.


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