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Lapor Hansip
30-10-2009 17:08
yang suka underoath,masuk sini
yang suka underoath,masuk sini

Underoath adalah band metalcore Amerika dari Tampa, Florida, dibentuk pada tahun 1997. Didirikan oleh Dallas Taylor pada 30 November 1997 di Ocala, Florida, tetapi sejak itu, anggota baru yang bergabung berasal dari Tampa, Florida.Seluruh anggota band adalah penganut kristen. Mereka saat ini ditandatangani dengan Solid State Records, sebuah anak perusahaan Tooth and Nail Records, dan label kelompok paling populer.

Setelah beberapa perubahan anggota, Underoath hanya anggota asli drumer Aaron Gillespie. Dengan vokalis asli Dallas Taylor, mereka merilis Act of Depresi,Cries of The Past, dan The Changing of Times. Setelah keberangkatannya, Spencer Chamberlain menjadi vokalis. Band ini kemudian dilepaskan They're Only Chasing Safety dan Define the Great Line, memperoleh peringkat emas bersertifikat dan tertinggi charting album Kristen di The Billboard 200 sejak tahun 1997, masing-masing. Dua album telah memberi mereka lebih utama dan keberhasilan komersial.

Mereka menerima nominasi Grammy tahun 2007 dan telah merekam sebuah live CD / DVD box set berjudul Survive, Kaleidoscope, yang dirilis pada 27 Mei 2008. Dari akhir Februari sampai awal Mei band ini merekam album studio terbaru berjudul Lost in the Sound of Separation, yang dirilis pada 2 September 2008,dan mencapai puncaknya pada angka 8 di Billboard 200.

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12-01-2012 19:06
Quote:Original Posted By hansip.boongan
katanya underoath mau main di indo ya gan sama ADTR ? emoticon-Big Grin

Iya betul gan tanggal 9 Maret.

Situ nonton nggaa? emoticon-Big Grin
12-01-2012 19:25
Quote:Original Posted By Sepuerto
Iya betul gan tanggal 9 Maret.

Situ nonton nggaa? emoticon-Big Grin

waduh ane mah org jogja jauh sama jakarte , duit juga tipis ane pelajar soalnye emoticon-Hammer2
13-01-2012 06:06
Quote:Original Posted By Sepuerto
Di fjb ngga ada gan udah ane cek. Kalo ebay ribeeet gan hahahaha

iye ribet ye nyari merch nya
ane kepengen tees nya, tp kaga ada yg jual
megang kwitansi pembelian tiket takut ilang, mana masih lama lg emoticon-Ngakak (S)
15-01-2012 21:02
Kalo menurut gw konser Underøath kali ini bakalan beda nih karena kepergian bang Aaron emoticon-Frown
Ciri khas clean voice nya si Aaron pasti udah ngga kedengeran lg deeh
18-01-2012 07:59
Quote:Original Posted By Sepuerto
Kalo menurut gw konser Underøath kali ini bakalan beda nih karena kepergian bang Aaron emoticon-Frown
Ciri khas clean voice nya si Aaron pasti udah ngga kedengeran lg deeh

ya pasti berubah banget gan, dr album nya jg udah kedengeran emoticon-Big Grin
tp ane lebih suka ky album disambiguation gini.
22-01-2012 16:58
Quote:Original Posted By Sepuerto
Kalo menurut gw konser Underøath kali ini bakalan beda nih karena kepergian bang Aaron emoticon-Frown
Ciri khas clean voice nya si Aaron pasti udah ngga kedengeran lg deeh

iya gan ini band gonta ganti personel aja emoticon-Cape d...
tpi album yg disambiguation keren gan emoticon-Cendol (S)
07-03-2012 23:53
agan2,, ada yang mau jual tiketnya gan?

Ane mau nntn, tp budget cuma 300 nih..

Tolong bantu. Makasi
11-03-2012 00:15
dimana gan konsernye?

ane kemaren dateng si, cuma kecewa berat...

padahal tim, dudley, spencer, ama daniel nya uda ajib berat.
tapi penontonnya malah kebanyakan band sebelah,, jadi ga dapet feel chaos nya...
12-03-2012 05:00
kenapa konser underoath gw liat di youtube dikitan emoticon-Frown padahal kan underoath asik emoticon-Frown
12-03-2012 22:28
fans adtr kaga respek sama yang senior gan, antara emang egois atau emang kaga kenal underoath deh..kemaren ane nonton semangat bangat meskipun gerimis mengundang, tapi kecewa berat sama promotornya labil, padahal kan awalnya tuh konser underoath, dan adtr adalah option untuk opening, eh malah kebalik underoath cuma main sebentar, kayanya sih gara gara lebuh banyak fans adtr yang berisik di twitter dan fb...
12-03-2012 22:34
seneng bangat ane nemu ini treath, liat banyak postingan galau gara gara konser kemaren...jadi ada temennya
tapi ane ga fasih ngaskus gan cara ngereply yang mantep...haha

saking bete sama adtr... ane balik abis underoath selesai
nambah kesel pas nyari di youtube susah bangat nyari video yang bagus, kebayakan adtr mulu....

oia gan, share dong kalo ada yang bisa bawain album underoath....ane nitip
28-05-2012 16:54
misi gan, ini ga ada link buat dl nya ya? hehe emoticon-Big Grin
06-06-2012 19:35
tadi ada lagu when the sun sleeps di on the spot,ada yg nonton gak? emoticon-Big Grin
12-10-2012 22:33
selama ini jadi silent reader mau ngasih info ke agan2 emoticon-Big Grin

Underoath announce plans to disband, set date for Anthology 1999 – 2013 release with two brand new songs and announcing farewell tour next week.

Press Release Below

Groundbreaking metalcore act UNDERØATH are formally announcing their plans to disband following a remarkable 15-year career that made a monumental impact on millions of fans and forever changed the face of heavy music.

“It’s sad to
say that we feel like it’s time to close this chapter, but we have never seen things more clearly,” says vocalist Spencer Chamberlain. “These have been the best years of my entire life, and I owe that to every single person who ever supported this band along the way. This wasn’t a quick decision by any means. It’s just time for us to move on.”

The band is closing an era during which it served as a pillar of the heavy music scene. UNDERØATH formed an indelible bond with their massive fan base through relentless touring in front of sellout audiences on six continents, as well as the early adoption and mastery of social networking that helped bridge the divide between band and fan - resulting in the band becoming one of the first with 1 million ‘likes’ on Facebook as well as a tally of more than 70 million plays on MySpace.

The Tampa, Florida-based group released seven acclaimed albums in total – including the Gold-certified mid-2000s releases They're Only Chasing Safety and Define the Great Line – that collectively yielded several groundbreaking videos, Grammy and Dove Award nominations and total sales in excess of 1.3 million units.

On the road to becoming one of hard rock’s biggest success stories, UNDERØATH created a deep and enduring culture surrounding its music and message and became that rarest of things in the music world: a band that actually meant something, to millions of fans around the globe.

UNDERØATH will cap its incredible run with the release of a career retrospective album, Anthology 1999-2013 – released November 6 on Solid State Records. With tracks culled from their 1999 debut, Act of Depression, through the instant classics on 2010’s Ø (Disambiguation), Anthology 1999-2013 is an essential collection of songs that celebrates the evolution of this seminal band.
Pushing Anthology 1999-2013 beyond a mere retrospective, the release gives fans one last chance to hear newly recorded material in the form of new tracks “Sunburnt” and “Unsound.” Recorded with longtime producer Matt Goldman, the two new songs represent the final material recorded by the band.

"Over the past decade or so of our lives, we have been able to live a dream traveling the world, playing music that excites us, and meeting more amazing people than we could have ever fathomed," says keyboardist Chris Dudley. "This couldn't be a more bittersweet moment for us. We have accomplished more, met more friends, seen more places and have just done more than we could have ever imagined, and we really wanted to just go out on the highest note possible. That's why we have put together a group of great friends and musicians for what will be our final tour ever. We are taking every moment of this tour as an opportunity to say goodbye to you all, as well as celebrate what has taken place over all these years. The love we have and the debt of gratitude that we owe to all of you is not able to be measured in any way."

That farewell tour will commence in 2013, featuring fan-favorite songs that span the entirety of UNDERØATH’s career. Further details to be announced next week.

“We don’t take this very lightly and it’s heartbreaking for all of us,” Chamberlain says of the band’s announcement, “but all good things must come to an end. We love all of you and hope to see you again soon.”

Track Listing
1. Sunburnt
2. Unsound
3. In Division
4. Catch Myself Catching Myself
5. Paper Lung
6. Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
7. Too Bright To See, Too Loud To Hear
8. In Regards To Myself
9. You're Ever So Inviting
10. Writing On The Walls
11. A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black And White
12. Reinventing Your Exit
13. It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door
14. I've Got Ten Friends And A Crowbar That Says You Ain't Gonna Do Jack
15. When The Sun Sleeps
16. Cries Of The Past
17. Heart Of Stone


sedih banget denger kabar gini emoticon-Sorry semoga farewell tour nya sampe ke indonesia dengan promotor yang baik ya gan emoticon-Big Grin
31-01-2013 19:05
Halo gan ane pendatang baru nih emoticon-Big Grin salam kenal ya emoticon-Shakehand2

Ane juga ngefans sama Underoath neh gan lagu yang paling ane suka "Writing on the Walls" apalagi gara-gara suara clean vocalsnya si Aaron Gillespie emoticon-2 Jempol

Sayang ya Underoath 2013 ini mau bubar emoticon-Sorry
31-01-2013 20:44
Underoath ane paling suka A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White sama When The Sun Sleeps

Honestly ane tau underoath dari page saosin di dan similar musicnya underoath emoticon-Big Grin
06-03-2013 15:22
yeah, akhir nya ketemu juga nih trit underoath emoticon-Big Grin
10-12-2016 21:37
ane ngefans ama ini band setahun yang lalu lagi nyari lagu2 post hardcore di last fm eh ketemu underoath dah, lagu nya mantep2 liriknya dalem banget emoticon-Matabelo apalagi dengerin album yang masih jaman nya dallas taylor emoticon-Toast
Diubah oleh devtrey
09-07-2017 01:33
gw suka yg a boy brushed red, writing on the walls, sama reinventing your exit. cuma greatest hits nya aja sih yg gw tau haha

btw underoath udh bubar blom sih? scara gtu tahun 2011-2013 band emo/screamo kaya janjian pada bubar haha
03-03-2018 10:42
up ah, bangun woi bangun underoath rilis album baru
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