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[Private Sever] " ENexia " Alternatif Nexia/NexusTK
[Private Sever] " ENexia " Alternatif Nexia/NexusTK

Free To Play
Server Status : ON

Come and play with us at eNexia open beta tester 14 February 2016

eNexia is the 2D isometric MMORPG with cute anime style character, the story was based on ancient Korean Mythology

[Private Sever] " ENexia " Alternatif Nexia/NexusTK

Tentang Nexia

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Update 07/09/2017

Reincarnation quest is added, but partially complete, and it will be completed soon hopefully within this month, you can start gathering the required item

Here is an overview how the reincarnation works

Before reincarnation you need to take a quest, talk to the Dimension Entrance NPC to get started - follow the quest to get reincarnated, you will need to sacrifice a portion your prowess on the process.

Do not worry about your losing prowess in the reincarnation process, because you will gain more by losing some of it.

Once you are reincarnated you will start off fresh with a level 100 character, you will gain access to the new buffed armor that will help you start again, better rate of experience trading, improved spell and probably new one (will add in later on)

Some example are
Warrior will gain additional rage level, 8 way swing, and more..
Rogue will gain another cunning level, improved poison with chance to stunning target for short duration, and more..
Mage will have 5 way paralyze, improved healing and more..
Poet also will have 5 way targetable heal, auto heal the lowest health member in the party, and more..

Another thing you can do after reincarnation is you can change your Job anytime you want by sacrifing some experience. You can change to Warrior, Poet, Rogue or Mage anytime...

Thats all for now, we will complete this soon so you can start the new exciting gameplay

Thank you and have fun

Here is most of the changes so far regarding Reincarnation that are currently active

All Class
- All physical damage +10%
- All magical damage +10%
- New Buff Armor (This armor is the only way to get your stats go beyond maximum cap)
- Better Vita/Mana trading rate
- Change job anytime

- Gained eight way buff from improved flank and backstab
- Reduced cooldown / aether on some high level spell
- Gained additional rage level

- Gained additional cunning level
- Reduced cooldown / aether on some high level spell

- Improved healing for high level spell and 5 way paralyze
- Reduced cooldown / aether on some high level spell

- Improved healing with targetable 5 target healing ability
- Reduced cooldown / aether on some high level spell

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