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10 Tempat Tidur Yang Super Kreatif !! (+pic&vid)
1. Jurassic Park Bed

Spoiler for pic:

Your kid is a special human being to you and therefore you should ensure that your kids bedroom designs are also that much special. But have you ever tought at a Jurassic Park themed bedroom ? The bottom jaw of the dinosaur is hinged to reveal a built in toy box, and the murals in the bedroom reflect the dinosaur theme.

2. Apple Tree Bed

Spoiler for pic:

Priced at $9,600, this bed takes its leas from Scandinavian design. It represents apple trees (in the bedroom!) and really offers the consumers a different outlook for the bedroom.

3. Crazy Horse Free Form Bed

Spoiler for pic:

This luxurious Crazy Horse Free Form bed available in two options: canopy option and double side rails option will surely make the elites throng after it. It costs a mere amount of $1,259.00 - $1,889.00 for those who settle for nothing ordinary when it comes to luxury and style.

4. Bookcase Bed

Spoiler for pic:

The basic idea is to convert the mattress into a bookcase by making it stand upright. The bed has five storage shelves which are suspended in mid-air by a wall mounted frame and the design is reminiscent of Tetris don't you think? This concept is designed by Karen Babel is made for those who need a larger space in their small room.

5. Single/Double in Seconds

Spoiler for pic:

Addressing the home owner's ultimate dilemma, this fancy new modular bed design by Swedish designer Marcia Hanvey Isaksson lets you instantly split your double bed into two singles without having to spend your back for it. The design is basically composed of two single beds attached at the head with a rail in the headboard. When guest arrive or when you need to have two beds to accommodate more people, just slide the beds apart and you're good to go. Since the headboard also features storage space, this modular bed becomes just the perfect bit of furniture for the kids' room or even for the guests.

6. Hi-Can Bed

Spoiler for pic:

Spoiler for vid:

The Hi-Can Bed lets you surf the web, watch movies, listen to music and play games all while you are in bed. Really neat concept, it's all a geek dreams about!

7. Starry Bed

Spoiler for pic:

This creation by Leggett & Platt is an elite one especially for geeks who wants to relax in geeky manner.
It comes packed with a vibration sensor, load cell technologies that can tap the number of turns who happen to take during night along with a count of your moves from the bed. It not only detects snoring but helps the snorer to overcome this issue.
For folks, who can't imagine a life away computer can reside here as it offers wireless internet connectivity along with a wireless keyboard.
The price? Is retailed at $20,000 to $50,000 considering the features demanded.

8. Illuminated Bed

Spoiler for pic:

Created by Philippe Boulet, the bed is continuously changing colours and can be fixed on the one of your choice. You can wake-up with your favourite colours by programming the lighting of the bed at the time of your choice. In 2005 he was nominated at “Déco d'Or” headed byPhilippe Starck. He obtained in 2006 the “Medal of Ministry dedicated to small and medium companies” at International Concours Lépine and is recognised in the 2006 Inventories Dictionary.

9. Contemporary Bed

Spoiler for pic:

The French have done it again. What a scintillating piece of Bedroom Furniture!! This unusual contemporary bed is hand made in France.

10. Fairy Tale Bed

Spoiler for pic:

This bed is like a hunting bed or a Venus fly trap! Simply place some rose petals and chocolates on top, wait for your target to take the bait, and pull the rope. Don't forget to drill some air holes in the box though.


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