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17-10-2018 16:50

Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc

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Charles Leclerc
17-10-2018 16:51
Leclerc profile

Quote:Original Posted By
Country Monaco
Podiums N/A
Points 21
Grands Prix entered 17
World Championships N/A
Highest race finish 6 (x1)
Highest grid position 7
Date of birth 16/10/1997
Place of birth Monte Carlo, Monaco

Leclerc biography

Quote:Original Posted By
He may be a rookie on the 2018 grid, but Charles Leclerc’s single-seater credentials are impressive. GP3 champion in 2016; F2 champion in 2017; Ferrari Driver Academy (FDA) member; F1 testing experience with Ferrari; and F1 practice outings with both Haas and Sauber.

Born on October 16, 1997, Leclerc is barely into his twenties, so it’s fair to say he looks to be firmly on the fast track to success. Hailing from Monaco, he was inevitably exposed to F1 at a young age, especially as his late father Herve was also a racing driver, who did well in F3 back in the Nineties.

On top of that his best friend since childhood was the late Jules Bianchi, also an FDA member, and it was at the kart track belonging to Jules’ father Philippe that Leclerc first got behind the wheel, when he wasn’t even five years old.

He made the step up to single-seaters in 2014 with a campaign in the Formula Renault 2.0 Alps series. Success came quickly, with two wins in his first year as well as three podiums from six outings in the more competitive Formula Renault 2.0 Euro series.

For 2015, promotion to the FIA F3 Euro championship resulted in four victories and fourth place overall, and he also impressed with a second-place finish in the prestigious Macau Grand Prix.

His rise continued apace in 2016, when he became an FDA member and got his first taste of F1 machinery – a day’s testing at Silverstone with Ferrari and no less than four FP1 practice sessions with Haas. More importantly, he carried on winning – three times en route to the GP3 title in his rookie season.

And he couldn’t break the habit in 2017, when he triumphed seven times to secure the F2 crown in dominant style at his first attempt. There were further F1 tests with the Scuderia, and another four Friday practice outings, this time with the Ferrari-powered Sauber team.

With Sauber strengthening their ties to Ferrari with an Alfa Romeo title sponsorship deal for 2018, Leclerc won his first F1 race seat, driving alongside seasoned Swede Marcus Ericsson.

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Charles Leclerc
17-10-2018 16:52
reserved for leclerc social media
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Charles Leclerc
18-10-2018 08:04
Leclerc: If I’m not good enough I should be dropped by Ferrari

Charles Leclerc has opened up on how he is mentally preparing for his first F1 season with Ferrari in 2019.
Quote:Original Posted By crashnet
Leclerc: If I’m not good enough I should be dropped by Ferrari

Charles Leclerc says he would expect to be dropped by Ferrari if he fails to meet expectations during his first season with the Italian Formula 1 team in 2019.

Leclerc will replace Kimi Raikkonen as Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari teammate next year following an impressive rookie campaign with the revitalised Sauber team.

Ferrari has traditionally named conservative driver line-ups and favoured experience but regular points finishes and a spate of Q3 appearances across a brilliant 2018 season has prompted the Scuderia to promote its protégé after just one full season in F1.

Speaking in an interview with the official F1 podcast Beyond the Grid, Leclerc was open about how he is mentally approaching his debut campaign with Ferrari.

“I’m very honest. If I’m not good enough next year, I should be dropped by Ferrari and this would be completely understandable for me,” Leclerc said.

“This is how I see it. If I’m good enough, I deserve to stay there. If I’m not, I deserve to be left off and I think that takes a lot of pressure off my shoulders.

“I’m not a nervous person, there are tensions in this sport and at the start, there is adrenaline, but I would not say it is nervosity,” he added.

“If you ask me about the pressure, I think I can handle this because I have a mentality that I don’t feel the pressure at all. I know lots of people say, ‘yeah but the pressure in Ferrari is on another level’, but my mentality allows me to take of all the pressure.

“I don’t really take into consideration what people are expecting from me. The only thing I do is focus on myself and try to give the best possible performance on track.”

Leclerc also rubbished suggestions he could play a supporting role to Vettel next year, insisting there is “absolutely not” a clause in his contract that will prevent him from fighting the four-time world champion.

“I know lots of people are thinking this and me saying that won’t change what people think. But as in every team, you start the year on an equal status and then at one point, once one driver is fighting for the championship and one is not,” the Monegasque explained.

“Then I believe it’s normal for the second driver to help the first one, which I’m ready to do in case I am the second driver and I don’t have my chances to win the championship.

“But apart from that, I don’t think I will go there to be a second driver.”
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Charles Leclerc
18-10-2018 08:13
Nitip sendal buat musim depan
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Charles Leclerc
22-10-2018 04:00
lumayan dapet front row (page one) disini
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Charles Leclerc
22-10-2018 12:56
emoticon-Cendol (S) semoga lecrec beruntung dan menjadi harapan baru tim sekelas Ferrari emoticon-Blue Guy Peace
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Charles Leclerc
29-11-2018 09:02
Wah ada tritnya,,,

Gw kagum sama nih anak setelah liat Formula 2 Bahrain GP 2017 pas sprint race.
Sprint race --> pit stop --> keluar di posisi 14 --> dibabat semua sampe akhirnya juara.
Trus merhatiin sampe dia naik kelas ke F1.
Menurut gw di Sauber bagus bgt performance nya.

Penasaran sama penampilan dia sama Ferrari.
Btw kmrn test di Abu Dabhi hari kedua dapet posisi 1.

F1 Testing: Charles Leclerc finishes F1 2018 on top for Ferrari
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Charles Leclerc
15-12-2018 06:44
Leclerc targets winning two F1 races in 2019

Quote:Original Posted By
Charles Leclerc says his sights are set on winning two Formula 1 grands prix next year during his first season with Ferrari.
After an impressive rookie campaign for Sauber, Ferrari saw enough promise from the Monegasque to be convinced it should take him over Kimi Raikkonen for 2019.

Although Leclerc will face increased pressure and scrutiny as he goes up against Sebastian Vettel, he insists he is not worried about it and instead has set clear targets for the campaign ahead.

Speaking at Autosprint’s Caschi d'Oro (golden helmet) ceremony on Italy on Thursday night, Leclerc said: “Pressure? No, I do not feel it. Rather I feel the support and I must say that I am happy. My goal is obviously to do my best and respect the team’s expectations.

"I will have at my side a driver like Sebastian Vettel who will be an important help for me to grow and learn. He is a wonderful person, as well as a great driver, and I got to know him when I worked at the Maranello simulator and he thanked me for the work I did.

"Going back to my goals. It is clear that racing for Ferrari I would like to win a couple of grands prix: such as Monaco, my home race, and Monza. But I cannot imagine what it will be like to race in Italy as a Ferrari driver!”

Leclerc had driven a Ferrari prior to being announced, but his first test since being confirmed was in the post-season tyre test at Abu Dhabi.

Reflecting on that run he said: “How did I find it? Unbelievable. The car is fabulous to drive. It was a great honour as well as a great emotion.

“Obviously we are talking about a test, it does not make much sense to talk about performance in absolute terms, but the feeling was immediately exceptional.”

Additional reporting by Roberto Chinchero

mudah2an tercapai emoticon-Ngacir
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Charles Leclerc
28-12-2018 13:05
semoga jadi saingan berat max vers...
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Charles Leclerc
18-01-2019 05:30
The Vettel qualifying benchmark Leclerc must respond to

Quote:Original Posted By
Charles Leclerc's rookie season was characterised by stunning qualifying performances and strong races, but the 2019 Ferrari Formula 1 driver must make progress in an important area against Sebastian Vettel.
Sauber developed from a back-of-the-grid rival of Williams in the early races to being a regular top-10 qualifier and point-scorer by the end of the season.

Leclerc's own qualifying improvements meant he, and not his more experienced teammate Marcus Ericsson, led that charge.

Examining Leclerc's qualifying performance in greater detail showcases impressive raw numbers on the surface, but also expose a small weakness that will need to be addressed in 2019.

How Leclerc stayed on top of Sauber's progress

The positive aspect is how Leclerc fared relative to the raw pace of his car.'s favoured 'supertime' method allows sufficient scrutiny of Sauber's place in the pecking order, by taking each team's fastest individual lap of a weekend and expressing it as a percentage of the outright quickest.

This is a fairer way of comparing teams because it only requires only one of every team's driver to put together a single representative lap time at some point during each weekend.

It is then possible to compare Leclerc's efforts relative to where the car should theoretically be on pure pace.

Splitting the season into four chunks reveals Leclerc not only matched his team's upward trajectory but has also generally been ahead of where the car's raw pace should be.

Sauber's raw pace has it qualifying roughly on the ninth, seventh, seventh and fifth rows of the grid on merit across each quarter of the season.

Leclerc, however, boasts a qualifying average of 16.8, 11.4, 13.8 and 8.6 for the corresponding races.

Sauber's average supertime position among the teams is 7.4, but again Leclerc's seasonal qualifying average (12.7) is ahead of Sauber's theoretical 14th- or 15th-place start.

It is also three places higher on the grid than Ericsson (15.7) managed, which goes some way to explaining why Leclerc also consistently outraced the Swede, posting an average finishing position of 9.7 to Ericsson's 12.2.

Theoretical laps expose a potential real weakness

Those numbers, while rough, suggest the Monegasque did an excellent job at adapting to the challenges of F1 qualifying.

However, Leclerc also had the worst record of the entire grid for piecing together his theoretical best lap in qualifying.

On only three occasions did Leclerc combine his three best sectors on the same lap, and he also had the second-biggest average deficit between his actual lap time and his theoretical best, lapping 0.132s slower than he could have.

"We need to push from Q1 to Q3 and you're doing laps on the limit," said Leclerc, when asked by about that challenge.

"It's difficult to improve from what you've done before.

"Towards the end of the season I could manage to produce the lap I wanted to do in Q3 but in the middle of the season sometimes I was struggling and you could see quite often me doing the best laptime or Q2 and not in Q3."

Leclerc did improve, especially in the final races where he qualified in the top 10 for five of the last six grands prix, but even then he cost himself places on the grid by not putting together his theoretical best lap.

Over those final six races, Leclerc was under his seasonal average for time he gave away, with Mexico (0.248s) and Brazil (0.237s) the anomalies.

Vettel sets an ominous benchmark

While this seems like harsh criticism, it is worth noting that Leclerc's 2019 Ferrari teammate Sebastian Vettel led the way for both theoretical-best metrics.

Vettel combined his three best sectors in 11 of 21 qualifying sessions, three more than any other driver.

He was also top of the pile for his average deficit, giving away only 0.025s over the campaign.

That sets a clear intra-team benchmark for Leclerc, as well as highlighting Vettel's quality in the context of the whole grid.

Leclerc proved as a rookie how well he can race if he earns track position.

With grid position all the more important at the sharp end of the grid it will be vital that he rises to Vettel's level.

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Charles Leclerc
22-02-2019 19:13
Charles Leclerc confident Ferrari's F1 rivals sandbagging in testing

Luke Smith
21 Feb 2019

Quote:Original Posted By crashnet
Leclerc refuses to read too much into Ferrari's strong start to pre-season testing in Barcelona, taking Mercedes' and Red Bull's quiet start to running with a pinch of salt.

Charles Leclerc is refusing to read too much into Ferrari’s strong start to Formula 1 pre-season testing in Barcelona, believing immediate rivals Mercedes and Red Bull are still "sandbagging."

Ferrari topped the opening two days of pre-season testing at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catlunya, with Leclerc setting the pace on Tuesday.

Ferrari’s quick lap times, high lap count, and impressive reliability prompted Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas to both say their rival looked strong, with Bottas believing Ferrari seem “a bit ahead.”

Leclerc downplayed Ferrari’s start to testing, saying it was not truly representative until the other teams began to push their cars more and show their true colours.

“The performance has no [meaning] for now, because it remains testing and they are probably not pushing, and we are not either,” Leclerc said.

“We don’t know how much the others are sandbagging, so we’ll see at the first race.

“I think the main importance for these tests are to do the programme of the day, and that is what we are doing, so we are happy.
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Charles Leclerc
23-03-2019 19:25
Kalo masih di sauber p5 mungkin hasil bagus tp skrg di sf jadi kurang berkesan ya hehe
Anak baru kudu mendahulukan senior emoticon-Hammer (S)
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Charles Leclerc
29-03-2019 15:23
Salam kenal gan,

Ane abis nonton serial F1: Drive to Survive jadi demen sama Leclerc, ga sabar minggu ini nih emoticon-Big Grin
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Charles Leclerc
29-03-2019 21:04
Bahrain GP: Leclerc leads dominant Ferrari 1-2 in FP1

Quote:Original Posted By
Ferrari immediately rebounded from a poor Australian Grand Prix by setting the pace in first practice for Formula 1's Bahrain Grand Prix, nearly a second clear of Mercedes.
Charles Leclerc set a best lap of 1m30.354s to lead the way in the blistering daytime heat, 0.263 seconds clear of Sebastian Vettel in a Ferrari one-two.

Melbourne race winner Valtteri Bottas was third fastest, 0.974s down on Vettel, while Lewis Hamilton was more than 1.2s off the pace in fourth.

It looked as though Mercedes was in terrific shape in the early part of the session, as Bottas and Hamilton both used medium tyres to lap quicker than the soft-tyred Ferraris initially.

Bottas led the way on a 1m32.340s and it took several attempts before Vettel fractionally displaced him at the top of the timesheet.

Ferrari then took a big step forward, as Vettel broke into the 1m31s and Leclerc slotted into second on 1m31.884s, 0.137s down on his teammate.

When Mercedes finally bolted soft tyres onto its cars, Bottas leapt back to the top, despite a small moment at Turn 10, setting a 1m31.328s best to stretch four tenths clear of Ferrari.

Hamilton then slotted into second spot, just under three tenths down on Bottas, despite running wide at the final corner.

But Ferrari made one final push, with both cars taking to the track on soft tyres again and breaking into the 1m30s.

Vettel moved briefly to the top with a 1m30.617s effort, before Leclerc went faster still to claim the top spot and make an emphatic statement at the start of an important weekend for the Scuderia.

The Red Bull-Honda of Max Verstappen enjoyed brief spells at the top but ultimately ended the session fifth, encouragingly less than a tenth slower than Hamilton's Mercedes.

Pierre Gasly endured a difficult start to the session in the second Red Bull, complaining it was "super-oversteery" on the apex of corners on the hard tyre and asking the team to check the engine braking settings.

He finally hooked a lap together on soft tyres that was less than two tenths down on Verstappen.

The McLaren of Carlos Sainz, which has taken a new Renault engine for this weekend following a fiery MGU-K failure in the Australian Grand Prix, was an impressive seventh fastest, just 0.137s down on Gasly.

Nico Hulkenberg's Renault – which collided with Antonio Giovinazzi's Alfa Romeo in the closing minutes of the session – was eighth, ahead of Daniil Kvyat's Toro Rosso-Honda and Kimi Raikkonen's Alfa.

Daniel Ricciardo carried the replacement Renault chassis he's been given following the first-lap damage he suffered in Australia to the 11th fastest time, while Kevin Magnussen was 12th in the best of the Haas-Ferraris.

Williams once again brought up the rear of the field, with George Russell incurring car damage from a pitlane start and suffering a spin.

He was almost seven tenths down on the Racing Point of Lance Stroll, who suffered his own spin exiting Turn 4 early on and struck the inside barrier.

masih fp1, ati2 aja ama merc pas qp emoticon-Ngacir
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Charles Leclerc
30-03-2019 23:37
congrats buat Pole pertamax
moga besok bisa p1 pertamax juga
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Charles Leclerc
31-03-2019 23:52
Gagal menang tpi syukurnya masih podium emoticon-Hammer (S)

Better luck next time chaaarl emoticon-Ngacir

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Charles Leclerc
01-04-2019 00:20
LEC: "It happens. Unfortunately it was not our day. Of course I'm extremely disappointed. A very hard one to take but thanks to the team... Congratulations to Lewis and Valtteri"

#BahrainGP 🇧🇭
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Charles Leclerc
27-05-2019 05:41
Hulkenberg: "Impatient" Leclerc showed his frustration

Quote:Original Posted By
Nico Hulkenberg believes Formula 1 rival Charles Leclerc was “impatient” and “definitely too ambitious” in attempting the move that caused their Monaco Grand Prix clash.
Leclerc, who had started 15th after a strategy error from Ferrari saw him eliminated in Q1 from Saturday, was on an early charge through the field and passed Romain Grosjean for 12th with an audacious move down the inside of La Rascasse before coming up on Hulkenberg.

He tried to overtake Hulkenberg at the same right-hander a lap later, but ran out of space, clipping the wall on the right-hand side and spinning out into Hulkenberg.

While both carried on, Leclerc retired with damage a couple of laps later, while Hulkenberg was forced into the pits with a puncture, which cost him track position and ultimately ended his chances of scoring any points.

Asked whether Leclerc had been too aggressive, Hulkenberg said: “Yeah, he was. You know he came, first of all, from quite far back and then I didn't leave much of a gap anyway and I saw that he launched and I played fair and opened the steering and tried to leave him some space, and tried to let us both lift.

“He spun, he just kissed me - I didn't hit the wall or anything but he sliced my rear tyre open. I think he was definitely too ambitious in that moment.”

Hulkenberg said he had been informed that Leclerc had passed Grosjean at La Rascasse, and was thus anticipating a move.

“I was aware of that, my engineer told me that, I could sense it coming but you've still got to weigh up your chances as a driver and know when it's a real opportunity or when [it's] not.

“But I think he was a bit impatient there today, obviously frustrated after yesterday and wanted to get through the field - but it's Monaco and it doesn't work like that always.”

Leclerc, for his part, believed he “had to take risks” given his starting position, and felt Hulkenberg hadn't left him as much space as Grosjean.

“I just said [to Hulkenberg] I think it was a racing incident, I don't think he left much space,” Leclerc said.

“I had to take a lot of risks, which we did - it was fun at the beginning, unfortunately it ended in disaster, but that's a bit Monaco.

“Unfortunately when we're starting P15, which is not our real pace position... it was difficult to come back for today.”

Grosjean, who had described Leclerc's earlier pass at La Rascasse as a “kamikaze” move, picked up two positions when the Monegasque's Hulkenberg attempt didn't come off – and said he could see it coming.

“Leclerc was very, very aggressive,” Grosjean said. “I opened the door just not to get contact but I knew someone would not do the same, and that happened the lap after, so we got two places there.”

Additional reporting by Stuart Codling
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Charles Leclerc
24-06-2019 19:53
syukur lu kaga dipaksa kuda ngebiarin seb di depan emoticon-Hammer (S)

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Charles Leclerc
21-07-2019 09:10
lumayan nih bocah vs max, bikin hiburan F1 lagi.
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