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Lapor Hansip
15-07-2019 14:45

Nintendo Switch Kaskus Lounge

cuma ada satu rule. kalo masih nggak dibaca juga, jangan salahkan kami saat agan yg kena bata emoticon-army

emoticon-exclamationWAJIB BACA PEKIWAN emoticon-exclamation

  • sekedar formalitas: hal2 yg bisa bikin kalian dilaporin ke momod (ato kalo kalian mau iseng laporin orang lain) ada disini: Console & Handheld SF Rules.

    *pengecualian sepuh bata collector yg sudah beyong merah emoticon-Embarrassment

    jadi next time kalian ketemu perusuh, tinggal BRP & IGNORE. BATA TERUS CUEKIN. dilarang keras berdebat dengan keledai karena nggak mereka tidak akan paham kata2 anda.

    org yg masih ngeyel ngobrol sama ID batamerah, boleh dibata emoticon-shakehand paling juga itu klonengannya sendiri....

    so yeah, biarlah rakyat sendiri yg decide apa yg acceptable / tidak di trit ini, dan menjatuhkan hukuman sendiri bagi yg melanggar. wild wild west style emoticon-Cool

    by the people, for the people.


  • post #1: Thread Rules & Table of Contents
    semua yg posting di trit ini dianggap sudah membaca rules & pekiwan emoticon-shakehand
  • post #2: The Console
    what is nintendo switch? temukan jawabannya disini
  • post #3: Console Features & Specifications
    fitur2 dari nintendo switch, serta spesifikasi sederhana mengenai konsol ybs
  • post #4: Bundles & Accessories
    untuk bantu agan decide mau beli yang mana
  • post #5: Community Corner
    top contributor trit, grup whatsapp, dan kata sambutan dari RT setempat emoticon-Malu
  • post #6: Nintendo Switch Events
    event2 penting seputar nintendo switch. always updated, jadi sering2 check sini gan emoticon-thumbsup
  • post #7: will be updated later
  • post #8: will be updated later
  • post #9: Showcase Gallery
    humble collection dari agan2 penghuni Nintendo Switch Kaskus Lounge emoticon-Embarrassment
  • post #10: Frequently Asked Questions
    faq / pertanyaan2 umum seputar nintendo switch. baca ini dulu sebelum nanya ke trit
  • post #11 - #20: kontributor page one emoticon-thumbsup
    will be updated later
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Nintendo Switch Kaskus Lounge - Part 1
15-09-2021 10:44

Here are the limitations:
  • Up to two wireless controllers can connect to a Nintendo Switch system while using Bluetooth audio. You will not be able to pair additional wireless controllers until you disconnect the Bluetooth audio device.
  • Bluetooth audio will be disconnected during local communication, such as when starting a local wireless multiplayer game.

  • Only one Bluetooth audio device can be paired at a time, but up to 10 devices can be saved on a Nintendo Switch system.
  • Bluetooth microphones cannot be used.
  • You may experience audio latency depending on your Bluetooth device.

Another notable thing in the update is that now the Dock can get updates which is interesting to say the least
Nintendo Switch Kaskus Lounge - Part 1
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15-09-2021 18:19
Ngomong2x Agan kok di forum xbox ga ada sih....
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kaskus addict
17-09-2021 11:55
karena gw ga beli lah, biasa alasan classic, duid banyak*, tp waktu kg ada, percumalah punya console ama game banyak2, kalu ga dimaenin.
*TAPI BOONG wkk, peasent lah ane, pc gak punya.

copas dr era

So Nintendo just added audio bluethooth support to the Switch and that's awesome news.
It appears that, on top of the inherent small lag caused by the protocol itself, the latency can depend on the device itself. So, as Reinhardt Schneider suggested in the main thread, I'd like to gather here the various impressions from everyone and their particular device.
I tried my cheap earbuds and the lag was horrendous, so I was looking at buying the Sony WF1000XMB3, so, if anyone tried it, I'd like to know if they work well or not.

Edit :
b3llydrum compile a useful list :
Disclaimer: All of the below are anecdotal and come from the previous comments in this thread

Unnoticeable or no delay

Bose QuietComfort 35 II
- "couldn't notice any delay over Bluetooth" - Apopheniac

Google Pixel Buds A-Series
- "virtually no lag ... hard/borderline impossible to notice" - Killthem

Jabra Elite 75t
- "virtually no lag ... hard/borderline impossible to notice" - Killthem

Jaybird Tarah Pro
- "works fine without any noticeable audio delay" - NoWayOut

Logitech Z337
- "no (noticeable) lag at all" - Doctor Phishshoe

Mpow Flame
- "work fine, and I don't detect eny apparent lag" - NeonBorealis

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds
- "they work great in gaming mode and have no noticeable lag for me" - SkekesisVR

Minor but mostly unbothersome delay

Apple AirPods
- "you can tell there's a delay" - Descapp
- "working fine I think" - Mbolibombo
- "slight delay" - b3llydrum
- "noticeable" - kimbo99
- "maybe a little lag but it's very very small, hard to notice while playing" - Nintenleo

Apple AirPods 2
- "slight delay" - Ashler
- "slight delay" - Hopz2Brew
- "I can bear it ... still noticeable" - Putosaure
- "minor delay that didn't seem too bad" - Kevers

Apple AirPods Pro
- "impressed [at the ~39ms latency according to Cadence of Hyrule's latency calibration]" - Martin
- "you can tell there's a delay" - Descapp
- "while it has some slight noticeable delay, some games would probably be tolerable with this" - Darknight

Apple Beats Powerbeats
- "tiiiiiniest bit of delay" - super etrian odyssey

Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro
- "very slight delay. Maybe 50ms" - Anustart

Edifier W800BT
- "The latency didn't bother me at all, should be in the 100ms~200ms range maybe." - El Buga

JBL Charge 4 (speaker)
- "The latency didn't bother me at all, should be in the 100ms~200ms range maybe." - El Buga

Google Pixel Buds Gen 2
- "slighty delay that really doesn't annoy me" - xewind

Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 2
- "Slight lag but not very noticeable to me" - Legacy

Skullcandy Indy Evo True Wireless Earbuds
- "delay is slight. Not that noticeable." - SpScarecrow

SLS-100 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
- "noticeable" - Reinhardt Schneider

Sony h.ear on 2
- "noticeable but minor" - Perkin_Warbeck

Sony WI-SP500 In-Ear Sports Wireless Headphones
- "minor lag (100ms?), Switch volume and earbuds volume are not linked" - MarcelRguez

Soundcore Life P2
- "pretty minimal amount of delay" - RedHeat

Soundcore Life Q30
- "pretty minimal amount of delay" - RedHeat

Noticeable and bothersome delay

Apple Airpods 2
- "very noticeable. I'll continue to use wired" - Disco Infernal

Bose QuietComfort 35 II
- "Not crazy bad delay, but it was there (inevitably). The sound quality was notably worse than a wired connection" - Pineconn

Samsung Galaxy Buds
- "lag is certainly noticeable" - hergipotter

Google Pixel Buds
- "like a half second delay" - DarkSora

Jabra Elite Active 65t
- "pretty bad" - colui

Mi True Wireless Earbuds
- "latency is very distracting" - Fezan

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z
- "slightly noticeable delay ... if it were just 10% better, it wouldn't bother me at all" - André

POM Gear Smart Pods
- "like a 1 second delay" - Zombegoast

Sennheiser HD 4.50 BT
"Too much of a delay for me for regular use" - LuigiV

Sony h.ear on 2
- "there's a noticable delay of about half a second" - HandsomeCharles
- "noticeable lag connected directly to the Switch, of a fraction of a second but enough that I won't be using them" - LouieGeetoo

Soundcore Liberty Air 2
- "half a second delay" - Shibata100

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2
- "very noticeable amount of lag" - hergipotter

Critically unusable amount of delay

Audio-Technica ATH-CKR7TW
- "major lag makes the game unplayable (900ms)" - MarcelRguez

Jabra Move
- "for me they are ... unplayable" - empo

Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT
- "for me they are ... unplayable" - empo

Sony WF-1000XM4
- "pretty noticeable audio delay" - Dest
- "unusable" - TheThirstyPrisoner
- "lag is unusable" - Ada

Sony WH-1000XM3
- "downright unusable lag" - DALE

Sony WH-CH700N
- "significant delay and would be unusable in my opinion" - Darknight

Zolo Liberty
- "terribly delayed ... so bad" - RadzPrower
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04-11-2021 22:08
Mau nambahin, buat Sony WH-1000XM4 sekarang udah ga terlalu lag. Udah lebih enak buat main game. Problemnya adalah kadang2 suka ada interfere kalau banyak yang pake device di sekitarnya (misal di Rumah Sakit).
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