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Lapor Hansip
05-03-2020 14:38

Diskusi Seputar Intelijen

wah kok jadi susah ya

ini yang sempet ilang

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Diskusi Seputar Intelijen - Part 2
14-03-2021 11:59
Check out this story: China's Nightmare: In a First, Biden-Modi-Suga-Morrison Write Joint Op-ed, Commit to Free Indo-Pacific Region from Flipboard.

In a rare move, the four leaders of the recent Quad Summit — Prime Minister Narendra Modi, US President Joe Biden, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Japan Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga – shared vision for an Indo-Pacific region that is “free, open, resilient and inclusive”, in a joint opinion piece published by Washington Post on Sunday.

“We are striving to ensure that the Indo-Pacific is accessible and dynamic, governed by international law and bedrock principles such as freedom of navigation and peaceful resolution of disputes, and that all countries are able to make their own political choices, free from coercion. In recent years, that vision has increasingly been tested. Those trials have only strengthened our resolve to reckon with the most urgent of global challenges together,” they wrote.

The governments of all four countries, they said, have worked closely for years. “On Friday, for the first time in “Quad” history, we convened as leaders to advance meaningful cooperation at the highest level. To strengthen our quest for a region that is open and free, we have agreed to partner to address the challenges presented by new technologies and collaborate to set the norms and standards that govern the innovations of the future.”


---- > quad superpower sdh bersabda spt itu..... Namun, di dunia antah brantah.... Negara kepulaun trbesar sedunia msh teguh bersikap non blok n zero enemy tp 1000 friend.... emoticon-Ngacir2
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kaskus holic
14-03-2021 17:46
Kenapa korsel ngga join jg ya? Faktor sentimen sama jepang kah?

Disini mah govt sma rakyat nya masih pada halu, mikir klo army nya kuat kayak jaman dwikora
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kaskus geek
14-03-2021 18:04

Mgkn iya, korsel msh curiga ama japan....

Soal halu, spt nya mmg bgitu gan....

Tp, era dwikora, jmlh anggota tni, minus polri, total hny sekitar 200rb personel aja, lho.... Gan....

Skrg, jmlh tni hny sekitar 400rb personel aja, msh kalah jmlh nya ama junta militer burma n vietnam....
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kaskus geek
15-03-2021 09:26
@cahmeneng bukan halu, Ndak mudeng

Luar Jawa kiblat nya masih ke Jawa
Luar Jakarta kiblatnya Jakarta
Yg dijakarta jumawa, ngerasa lebih hebat dari semua

Yg sadar ada, tapi kalah banyak sama yg jumawa emoticon-Leh Uga
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kaskus maniac
15-03-2021 10:34
india itu sedang diposisikan sebagai pusat manufacturing, menggantikan cina
dimulai dr proyek produksi massal vaksin covid buat melawan pengaruh cina

indonesia berkali2 gagal memanfaatkan momentum untuk membangkitkan industri dalam negri
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