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Lapor Hansip
05-03-2020 14:38

Diskusi Seputar Intelijen

wah kok jadi susah ya

ini yang sempet ilang

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Diskusi Seputar Intelijen - Part 2
06-03-2021 09:35
Check out this story: Analysis: China has built the world's largest navy. Now what's Beijing going to do with it? from Flipboard.


Those include ships like the Type 055 destroyer -- which some analysts say betters the US Ticonderoga-class cruisers for firepower -- and amphibious assault ships that could put thousands of Chinese troops near foreign shores.

Where the US stands

While China is expected to field 400 ships by 2025, the goal of the current US Navy shipbuilding plan, a goal with no fixed date, is for a fleet of 355 -- a substantial numerical disadvantage.

That's not to say the US Navy has seen its days as the world's premier fighting force come to an end.

When counting troops, the US Navy is bigger, with more than 330,000 active duty personnel to China's 250,000.


Put in a historical perspective, China's shipbuilding numbers are staggering -- dwarfing even the US efforts of World War II. China built more ships in one year of peace time (2019) than the US did in four of war (1941-1945).

"During the emergency shipbuilding program of World War II, which supported massive, mechanized armies in two theaters of war thousands of miles from home, US shipbuilding production peaked at 18.5 million tons annually, and the United States finished the war with a merchant fleet that weighed in at 39 million tons," said Thomas Shugart a senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security and former US Navy captain, in testimony before Congress last month.

"In 2019, during peacetime, China built more than 23 million tons of shipping, and China's merchant fleet ... totals more than 300 million tons," Shugart said.


----- > OMG...... Kuantitas jmlh warship nya AL PLA, pd masa kini trnyata beneran telah bs melebihi jmlh warship milik US navy yg tersebar di brbagai negara di dunia..... Apalg KRI-KRI nya TNI AL nih, gan..... emoticon-Mewek
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kaskus maniac
06-03-2021 10:42
makanya ndang perang wes, semakin ditunda2 semakin sulit mengalahkan cina emoticon-Big Grin
segera bom pulau buatan di LCS
nyatakan taiwan sebagai negara merdeka
putuskan hubungan diplomasi dgn cina, negara lain yg ga mau ikutan lsg total embargo

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