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Lapor Hansip
11-02-2018 18:37

Shingeki no Kyojin Thread

karya terbaru Shingeki no Kyojin/ Advancing Giants ( rilis 2009) dari mangaka anyar, Hajime Isayama emoticon-Big Grin

cover vol 1

cover vol 2


chapter terbaru bahasa Inggris bisa dibaca online di :

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Shingeki no Kyojin Thread - Part 1
04-09-2020 19:06
Quote:Original Posted By gruzmon
Title:Wings of Freedom

2 major characters death on this chapter

loch came back unexpectedly, he shot the plane’s fuel tank

Mikasa shot her grappling hook to his throat

His last words his, “please don’t go

or else every eldian will get killed

don’t stop our devil

Our hope

” Floch shot the plane and it needed to be repaired

The rumbling came and they had little time

Hange decided that she will buy them some time

She was able to kill about 2 colossal titans

She suffered burns and she fell

She was able to kill about 2 colossal titans before falling

When she was about to get trampled, we see her meet Erwin and all of the dead scouts

Erwin tells her you’ve done well

Before Hange sacrificed herself, she tells Levi her goodbyes

Levi tells her to dedicate her heart

Hange laughs because it’s the first time she heard Levi say that

Hange and Jean kind of sympathize with Floch beforehand. But Hange says she’s still going to go and stop Eren.

More explanation: Hange was burned to death. In a similar way as Armin. We see the 104th mourn her death. Onyankopon cries too. Levi says “Later, Hange.” They were on the plane and it succeeded to fly just in time thanks to Hange.

Armin the new commander

Armin, Mikasa, Connie, Jean, Reiner, Onyankopon, Levi, Pieck are on the plane

It flew

The rest (Kiyomi, Annie, Falco and Gabi) stayed on the ship

We see titans behind so no idea if the ship is really safe or not tbh

It’s not very clear

Annie looked at Armin, as she said she wants to spend her remaining time in peace

Mikasa notices Annie’s crush on Armin I think cause she looks at them and then she asks Annie “Since when?”

I assume the rest stayed cuz too young and Kiyomi ofc cannot fight either

Yelena stayed on the ship too

Things will be safer in the ship than being on the plane, according to Pieck

Hange actually killed 1 colossal with her creation, the thunderspear

Then she killed 3 more with her dual blades

We see her skin melt of her face as she burned alive

She was on fire Her last words were “Ah, titans really are wonderful

” When Erwin told her she did a great job she replied “oh, I did well Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes”

No eren

Floch dying : “Don’t



don’t go


on the island

will get







” *Floch dies* Jean : Floch

Hange : “

He died

You’re right

Hange’s closer friends like Erwin and the other veterans are looking at and talking to her

We see Sasha and Keith, but they have their backs turned on her

They were looking at a different direction

Moblit is here too, he helps Hange get up

Reiner apologized to Annie for forcing her and Bertholdt to continue the mission when they wanted to abort it

Annie says she always wanted to kill Reiner

Reiner tells Annie she did well for enduring her urge to kill him

They had hug and said their goodbyes

Ini colossal titan kena nerf yah? gampang banget dibunuh sama Hange sampai 4 biji padahal dulu kalahin satu aja susahnya minta ampun? emoticon-Bingung (S)

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kaskus freak
04-09-2020 19:09
Bedalah, kan kolosalnya bukan shifter.
Dan shifter di balik kolosal itu tergolong cerdas dan perhitungan.
Kalo kecerdasannya dihilangkan, mereka cuma barbeque raksasa berjalan.
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kaskus geek
04-09-2020 19:35

Kan merem smua.
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kaskus geek
04-09-2020 19:53

titan shifter jangan di samain sama titan g berotak

sama aja kyk ente bandingin female titan ama titan kroco yg sering di bantai

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kaskus addict
08-09-2020 22:40
dia kan cuman jalan doang, pas turun gunung aj ad yg kepleset :v

lgian sesuai command eren yg bunuh all musuh mungkin tu colosal tw kalo itu hanji(comrades) jdi didiemin ae :v
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