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Lapor Hansip
30-08-2019 13:24

Football Manager 2020 ~Every Decision Counts~ Pre-order Now!

Football Manager 2020 ~Every Decision Counts~ Pre-order Now!

Football Manager 2020 ~Every Decision Counts~ Pre-order Now!


"Every Decision Counts"


Quote:Put your opinions to good use and do things your way at your club this season. Every decision counts in FM20 with new features and polished game mechanics adding fresh and authentic dimensions, empowering managers to take greater accountability for both their own and their team’s destiny.

Save the talk for the touchline and walk down the tunnel to a living, breathing football world with you at the very heart of it – this is a world where your opinion matters!

Talkers talk – but managers make things happen, and ours a special breed.

They don’t see problems, only opportunities: the opportunity to prove themselves against the best in the world, to turn a player’s career around, to instil a new philosophy, to push the board for more and end that long wait for silverware.
This is a world that rewards planning and knowledge but, unlike other games, there’s no pre-defined ending or script to follow – just endless possibilities and opportunities.

So, if you’ve ever thought “I can do better than that”, now’s your chance… Stop talking and get ahead of the conversation.
How you get to the top is up to you… you’ll own your decisions, and the consequences they bring.

- Base yourself in 50 of the biggest footballing countries worldwide
- Oversee a new era of success at one of 2,500 clubs at every level
- Sign the best and mould the future – scout more than 500,000 real players and staff
- Create your tactical vision and bring it to life on the training pitch
- Kick every ball with our most immersive and smartest match engine to date

New features, game upgrades and licensing updates will drop on our social channels towards the end of September, so get following now to get ahead of the game.

Release Date : 19 November 2019

Quote:Football Manager 2020 ~Every Decision Counts~ Pre-order Now!Football Manager 2020 ~Every Decision Counts~ Pre-order Now!Football Manager 2020 ~Every Decision Counts~ Pre-order Now!

System Requirements

Ayo Pre-Order, tidak rugi membeli game seharga 400rban loh, itung itung support developernya dengan harapan suatu saat FM akan ada opsi Bahasa Indonesia emoticon-Genit

Ga akan rugi, soalnya gw yakin para pemain fm bakal mainin nih game ampe ribuan jam dimanapun dan kapanpun emoticon-Cool

Dan kalau agan-agan beli Original, nanti bisa ikutan Liga IDFM emoticon-Cool emoticon-Belgia emoticon-I Love Indonesia

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Football Manager 2020 ~Every Decision Counts~ Pre-order Now!
02-08-2020 12:30
pake save2an lama selalu tiap januari seterusnya pemain langganan cidera .2 bulan terakhir sebelom akhir musim malah gk ada stock winger sama penyerang sama sekali .pada cidera smua .coba bikin save2an baru eh sama aja .udah nyetock winger dan striker banyak pun ttp tumbang semua ..padahal rotasi total tiap pertandingan 100% ganti smua starting nya .ini bug atau emang fm20 sadis masalah cidera ? gk seru anjir tiap akhir musim pake chelsea kok alonso ama azpi jadi winger ,jorginho striker 😁
bam09 memberi reputasi
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kaskus addict
09-08-2020 01:33

Cedera tuh kyknya hal yang hampir pasti gan kalo main FM, terutama mereka yang emg punya stat rentan cedera yang tinggi. Mau di rotasi tiap match juga kalo ente lagi ga hoki ya cedera juga tuh pemain emoticon-Ngakak (S) emoticon-Ngakak (S) emoticon-Ngakak (S)
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kaskus holic
10-08-2020 08:29
coba cari phsyio bintang 4+ gan,, pelatih fitness juga, dan kalau agan nitipin latihan ke assistant, fitness attributnya cari yang tinggi jg
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