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ASUS Laptop User Community

ASUS Laptop User Community
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ASUS Laptop User Community - Part 6

Thread ini dibuat didedikasikan kepada semua pengguna laptop ASUS bagi semua kalangan. Kita dapat berbagi dan sharing semua tentang laptop ASUS di thread iniemoticon-shakehand

ASUS ODM (Original Design Manufacturers):
Quote:Normally, the "Name Brand" notebooks/laptops manufacturer are not 100% manufactured by themselves which means they are not design and assemble the barebones, accessories and display. The so called "Name Brand" notebooks/laptops manufacturer just label their own name and provide service and support to consumer. They outsourcing from various ODM, which is called Original Design Manufacturer (ODM). These ODMs sell their notebooks/laptops barebones to different OEMs who then install CPU, Memory, Hard Drive and other accessories. These OEMs label it and market their own so called "Name Brand" notebooks / laptops to consumer.

So, when you buy DELL, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Acer, Sony, Gateway, Apple and even IBM these so called "name brand" notebooks/laptops PC manufacturer, actually they are made by these ODM. Who are primary ODM and did OEM for these "Name Brand" notebooks/laptops, such as: Quanta, Compel, ASUS, Winstron, Clevo, Arima, Inventec, FIC, Mitac and Twinhead. The "Name Brand" company will purchase from them and depending on the percentages. Sumber

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ASUS Laptop User Community - Part 6
17-08-2019 12:47

keyboard asus x441u nggak berfungsi

misi gan, minta solusinya..

laptop ane asus x441u keyboardnya kadang2 nggak berfungsi, udah pake cara2 di googling bahkan youtube masih sama aja,
tpi klo masuk safe mode keyboard bisa dpake, pas masuk normal lg keyboard error lg..
dlu pernah dbawa ke service center yg d cikokol, tpi skrng kambuh lg,

minta pencerahannya gan!!
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aktivis kaskus
17-08-2019 14:18

Waktu service tidak ganti kabel fleksibel keyboard nya ?

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