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Lapor Hansip
30-12-2018 22:55

[EF COC] Towards New Wishes In The New Year


Hello, how are you all
Greetings from me emoticon-Hai

Previously, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for everyone emoticon-Christmasemoticon-Selamat
And I apologize it my English Language writing was not good cause my TOEFL score was below average emoticon-Malu (S)

Happy New Year

Okay, check this out my write about my hopes, goals and dreams for the next year

Quote:The first my hopes

1. I hope in 2019 is that I will still be given health & longevity in this world by God emoticon-Angel
2. I hope is that I will always be given success in everything
3. I hope that I can get through day by day with happiness 
4. And my last hope for my Country Republic Of Indonesia next year will be safe peaceful and more prosperous

Quote:The Second My Goals
1. Hopefully I can make my family, my friends and everyone happy
2. I always positive thinking and smiling in my life emoticon-Smilie
3. I must keep spirit and never give up to achieve success

Quote:The Third My Dreams
1. Hopefully I can meet and greet with my Idol Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba
and Jessica Mila emoticon-Wowcantik
2. I can watch live concerts Metallica and Slank emoticon-Metal

3. Lastly, hopefully I can watch the Moto GP and Match Final Champions League emoticon-Menang

Quote:Last, now that's a bit of my hopes, goals and dreams for 2019, hopefully an that can be realized, amen emoticon-Angel

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[ EF COC ] Towards New Wishes In The New Year
31-12-2018 17:55
Quote:Original Posted By theyoungblood68

Hmmm I'm bored, I hope fellow Premier League teams meet MU VS ARSENAL maybe emoticon-Shakehand2

Thank u ganemoticon-shakehand
I'am a red brick collector emoticon-Blue Guy Bata (S)

oh i see .. i sent you three
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