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Official Thread] The Raid 2 : Berandal (28 Maret 2014)

Coming on March 28, 2014

[Official Thread] The Raid 2 : Berandal (2014)

^^ Art Poster by Omar Hauksson @Oswarez rilis 19 Oktober 2013

Teaser Trailer, rilis resmi 6 November 2013

Trailer, rilis resmi 31 Desember 2013

Temporary Poster

[Official Thread] The Raid 2 : Berandal (2014)

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Capture Teaser:
[Official Thread] The Raid 2 : Berandal (2014)


[SPOILER=Rekap Cast][Official Thread] The Raid 2 : Berandal (2014)

[Official Thread] The Raid 2 : Berandal (2014)

Sumber dan edited dari Blog Ary[/SPOILER]

Perkiraan Rilis:
  1. Indonesia 28 Maret 2014
  2. US 28 Maret 2014 in NY and LA first
  3. Australia 28 Maret 2014
  4. New Zealand 28 Maret 2014
  5. Taiwan 4 April 2014
  6. Perancis 16 April 2014
  7. Belanda 3 Juli 2014

Official Twitter of Merantau Film: @TheRaidMovie
Official Fans-Perantau: @perantau_ID
Spoiler for BERANDAL Versi 2010 yg dulu
[Official Thread] The Raid 2 : Berandal (2014)

[Official Thread] The Raid 2 : Berandal (2014)

Release date: 2011
Genre: Action
Studio: PT. Merantau Films
Starring : Iko Uwais, Yayan Ruhian
Screenplay by :Gareth Evans, (translated by Joko Anwar)
Directed by : Gareth Evans
Produced by : Ario Sagantoro

Plot outline:

Rama, a young man in his mid-20s sits on a toilet looking down at his feet contemplating just how he got here, just how he ended up wearing that prison uniform and just how his name ended up just a string of numbers printed onto his pocket. Once a food stall seller, an act of defense cost him his freedom, his liberty and the love of his fiancé

Detained for 5 years after leaving her attacker paralysed in a fit of rage, Rama arrives in a maximum-security prison alone and not accustomed to the criminal world. Instantly a target for the gangs that fight against each other for supremacy and control he is taken in by Uco, the son of a leading gangster, Bangun.

Working as a collector and enforcer, Rama fast gains favour with the group seemingly having found his calling in the criminal underworld. Igniting Uco’s ambitions however is Bejo, a small-time hood leader with plans of up scaling his operations. Seizing the opportunity to convince this head-strong son that now is the time for him to assume control of his father’s organization, he controls him like a puppet in a downward spiral of murder, betrayal and corruption as Rama’s friendship to Uco is tested to breaking point and their paths begin to drift.

A choice must be made between the power on the throne, or its reckless inheritor. Every move Rama makes will test his loyalty, every decision will change his path leading him further into the violence and bloodshed he is so desperate, yet so powerless to escape.

Official Site :
Berandal Movie
Official Facebook

Teaser Trailer



Oke teman, Trit ini dibuat jauh sebelum The Raid Muncul. tadinya, Film berjudul Berandal ini pun sempat merilis TEASER 2 MENIT, hanya saja, pihak pembuat film tidak melanjutkan projek ini di karenakan fokus kepada pembuatan film The Raid, dan akhirnya, jadilah film The Raid yg sekarang lagi boming-bomingnya. Dan Untuk "BERANDAL", menurut sutradara film ini adalah sekuel dari The Raid. Menarik bukan? Yuk mari kita nantikan informasi2 berikutnya.

Jika dalam the raid kita dibuat terkagum2 dengan beberapa adegan fightingnya, Menurut Produser film ini, di film BERANDAL nanti, akan ada kejar-kejaran mobil yang dahsyat dengan adegan silat martial artsnya. [Hitam-Putih interview]

The Raid 2 : Berandal

[Official Thread] The Raid 2 : Berandal (2014)

BERANDAL (director's note...)

Naturally, a lot of questions since we announced THE RAID at the press conference revolved around BERANDAL and why it has been delayed. Outside of the fact that the project had grown in scope and various scheduling issues preventing us from being able to cement a production date, there have been developments in the project since.

While developing THE RAID in script form I started to toy around with the idea of creating a link between it and BERANDAL. And now I can announce that BERANDAL will actually serve as a sequel to THE RAID providing a continuation for Iko Uwais' character Rama. While some would see this news as a spoiler (i.e. his character doesn't die) I feel that if I killed off his character again so soon after MERANTAU I'd be one almighty fucking hack bereft of ways to finish a film.

So there you go, spoiler.... Iko survives and lives to fight another day.

In BERANDAL we plan to explore the criminal world and introduce more side characters while creating a franchise for IKO UWAIS, but not one in which his character stays the same throughout. Our plan is to show a growth in each film as experiences begin to shape and mutate his personality for better and for worse.

International Trailer


THE RAID 2 sets a spectacular new benchmark for vehicular action. The Fast and the What, again? -#sundance
[Official Thread] The Raid 2 : Berandal (2014)

THE RAID 2 is a crime saga th at perfectly mixes THE GODFATHER with martial arts. It was better than I hoped..#sundance

THE RAID 2 is just insane. Some of the best action sequences I’ve seen. Just plain kicks your ass from start to finish. Wow. #Sundance
[Official Thread] The Raid 2 : Berandal (2014)

Sundance Review :

Spoiler for Sundance Review

Relentlessly brutal and violent, The Raid 2 is an appropriately over-the-top sequel to the original action blockbuster

Undoubtedly the most astonishing aspect of "The Raid 2" are its action set pieces, which create the impression that "The Raid: Redemption" was just a warm up.

Word of Mouth – The Raid 2: Berandal Might Very Well Be One of the Best Action Films Ever Made, Says All The People I Hate Who Already Got To See It

Pindahin dr FB : Sundance Film Festival 2014 | The Raid 2: Berandal Review
(thanks agan the bablay)

• Firstshowing 9.8/10

• Joblo 9/10

• Crave Online 9/10

• Comic Book Therapy 5/5

• The London Film Review 5/5

• We Got This Covered 5/5

• Hitfix A+

• Collider A-

• Film School Rejects A-

• Slash Film 6.5/10

• ScreenCrush 5/10

• The Salt Lake Tribune 3/5

• Fangoria 3,5/4

• The Film Stage B+

• Indiewire B+

• Badass Digest

• Hey U Guys

• Scott Feinberg

• Music Television

• The Hollywood Reporter

• Geek Nation

• Empire Online

• Variety

• Ain't It Cool News

• The Wolfman Cometh

• Movies.com

• Screen International

Word of Mouth
[Official Thread] The Raid 2 : Berandal (2014)


Timeline The Raid Trilogy:

The Raid -> The Raid 2 dimulai 2 jam setelah The Raid berakhir hingga 2 tahun setelahnya-> The Raid 3 dimulai 2 jam sebelum The Raid 2 berakhir

Berikut beberapa pertanyaan yang sering diajukan

Spoiler for FAQ

- Kapan The Raid 2 tayang?
Proses shooting 19 Januari-Agustus 2013. Dirilis (ditayangkan) untuk umum pada awal tahun 2014, kemungkinan Maret

- Selama proses shooting, lokasi yang digunakan dimana saja?
Jakarta, Bandung, Gombong, & Cirebon.

- Kira-kira apa akan ada The Raid 3?
Ya, sudah pasti ada. Yang pasti bukan 2 tahun ke depan. Mungkin saja 2017, 2018 atau tahun-tahun berikutnya. Karena The Raid memang direncanakan dibikin Trilogy.

- Apa film ini akan tetap berbahasa Indonesia, atau campur bahasa Inggris?
Film ini akan tetap menggunakan bahasa Indonesia dan sedikit bahasa Jepang.

- Sebenarnya apa nama judul film ini?
Judul dalam bahasa indonesia, disebut The Raid 2: Berandal, atau cukup biasa disebut Berandal. Judul dalam bahasa inggris disebut The Raid 2: Retaliation.

- Apa Yayan Ruhian (Mad Dog) akan tetap ada di Berandal?
Yayan Ruhian akan ada di Berandal, tentunya dengan karakter berbeda bernama Prakoso . Berambut panjang, lebih tua, menggunakan jaket, sebagai pembunuh bayaran.

- Lalu, akankah Joe Taslim juga akan bermain di Berandal?
Sayang sekali, Joe Taslim tidak ikut bermain lagi. Namun akan ada special appreace
Tambahan, kakaknya, Peter Taslim ikut bermain di film ini pada adegan di penjara.

- Apa alur ceritanya berlanjut dari The Raid 1, atau ceritanya berbeda?
Alur ceritanya akan tetap berlanjut dari The Raid 1. Awal cerita film ini adalah 2 jam setelah The Raid 1. Juga akan ada bos polisi jahat. Dikisahkan, Rama (Iko Uwais) nyamar ke sebuah kawasan kriminal di Jakarta. Dia berusaha nyusup ke dalam sindikat kriminal berbahaya Jakarta untuk melindungi keluarganya dan mengungkap korupsi di kepolisian itu sendiri.

- Berandal akan berdurasi berapa menit?
Lebih dari 2 jam, tepatnya 150 menit dan sekitar 50 menit diantaranya adalah action! T

- Bocoran adegan (scene) apa saja yang akan ada di Berandal?
Pertarungan 1 lawan 1 menggunakan pisau selama 5 menit.
Keributan di dalam penjara.
Pertarungan di dalam toilet.
Adegan di elevator.
Adegan menembak dengan senjata api shotgun.
Pertarungan menggunakan senjata kayu baseball.
Gangster-ganster Yakuza.
Akan ada mafia.
Adegan fight di club malam.
Adegan fight di jalanan.
Adegan seseorang yang kedinginan di kebun tebu.
Menghancurkan terminal busway.
Menghancurkan mobil.
Ada senjata pisau, pentungan, batu.
Adegan menyeret Peter Taslim di lorong oleh seorang berbadan besar.
Adegan kejar-kejaran mobil sambil menembak, Iko Uwais melawan 4 orang di dalam mobil, & akan ada mobil yang hancur menimpa halte.
Pertarungan 4 lawan 1 di dalam mobil bergerak, & kamera keluar-masuk mobil tanpa berhenti.
Pertarungan seorang wanita membawa 2 palu, yang berlokasi di kereta bawah tanah.
Iko Uwais vs Zack Lee, Zack Lee vs Arifin, Iko Uwais vs Mex Metino.

- Akankah film Berandal ini ditayangkan di luar negeri seperti halnya The Raid?
Berandal sudah resmi akan ditayangkan di seluruh dunia.

Edited dari Sumber : http://ary9blue.blogspot.com/2013/08...#ixzz2kazRKsBh

Quote:Original Posted By clurit
akhirnya jelas sudah pembagian gengnya

Spoiler for geng

  • Ucok
  • Eka (Tom Hagen)
  • Assassins : Prakoso (machete), Rama

BEJO (Sollozzo)
  • Assassins : The Assassin (karambit), Baseball Bat Man, Hammer Girl

  • Keichi
  • Ryuichi

mantap nehhhh, ditunggu deh emoticon-Big Grin
mantap nihh.! emoticon-Big Grin
setelah Merantau. iko uwais main Film lg.
harus di tunggu niy. emoticon-Big Grin

emoticon-Angkat Beer
patut ditunggu gan. mudah-mudahan bisa sekeren merantau.
ane suka banget gan sama film merantau. salah satu film Indonesia yang berkualitas.
emoticon-I Love Indonesia
ga bisa buka youtube gan emoticon-Hammer dikunci sama admin emoticon-Bata (S):

keknya keren nih film? tetap memantau ni thread
wow emoticon-Belo

keren teaser nya....ga sabar nunggu nya euy emoticon-Big Grin
Tetep dinanti nih pencak silatnya Iko Uwais.

Moga2 aja cerita ni film lebih berbobot dari merantau. Kalo merantau agak kecewa ane ama ceritanya.
mudah2an bagus emoticon-Embarrassment
gila emoticon-Belo kelihatannya bakal bagus.

btw sutradaranya sama ya?
itu posternya gambar siapa? iko uwais? kok jd cepak??
taun depan emoticon-Belo

kayanya keren juga emoticon-Big Grin
masih 2011 ya keluarnya emoticon-I Love Indonesiaemoticon-I Love Indonesia
wew ini sekuelnya meratau kah?[Official Thread] The Raid 2 : Berandal (2014)

lama banget!! keren!!

Quote: Suka nonton bioskop sendirian?? Join disini!
Quote:Original Posted By GygaBlitz
gila emoticon-Belo kelihatannya bakal bagus.

btw sutradaranya sama ya?

ia om....sama, dia yang nulis juga....katanya bakal lebih keras dari merantau. coba baca kru dan sinopsisny...emoticon-Smilie

Quote:Original Posted By diori
itu posternya gambar siapa? iko uwais? kok jd cepak??

iko uwais om...di cukur kali om, biar keliatan beda gitu loh.. emoticon-Big Grin
Quote:Original Posted By valkyrieroy
ga bisa buka youtube gan emoticon-Hammer dikunci sama admin emoticon-Bata (S):

keknya keren nih film? tetap memantau ni thread

masa gan..admin kantor ya gan? heheh emoticon-Big Grin

Quote:Original Posted By SuperMean
wew ini sekuelnya meratau kah?[Official Thread] The Raid 2 : Berandal (2014)

bukan Om... emoticon-Smilie cuma dari pembuat film yang sama....
Quote:Original Posted By gonam

masa gan..admin kantor ya gan? heheh emoticon-Big Grin

bukan Om... emoticon-Smilie cuma dari pembuat film yang sama....
mudah2 cerita lebih fokus ktimbang merantau emoticon-Big Grin[Official Thread] The Raid 2 : Berandal (2014)
Wah ada si iko lagi nih...bakalan jadi bintang spesialis film laga lagi nih,model2 barry prima jaman dulu kali ya emoticon-Hammer2
Bakalan mangstab nih film kayaknya..btw tuh kok ada joko anwarnya, jadi apaan tuh dia gan?