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Tempat diskusi seputar games yang dimainkan di Personal Computer (PC)

sticky Kaskus Original Gamers (Steam, Origin, Uplay, etc)
texhnolyze views95,438 reply3,591 ★ 4.73 Last Post
sticky PC Games Request, READ PAGE 1 BEFORE REQUEST
rheygie views365,569 reply6,541 ★ 2.7 Last Post
sticky Nyari Game Bagus Tapi Spek Mentok? [Sebelum Post Baca Page 1] - Part 1
cookchef views47,245 reply1,612 ★ 4.94 Last Post
sticky Troubleshooting PC GAME -Harap cek Page 1 dulu sebelum bertanya- - Part 2
Night Walker views224,866 reply5,013 ★ 5 Last Post
sticky [Notice] Waspada Tertipu Penjual Game Carding! Baca Dulu Sebelum Beli Game Original!
SundayAtTwelve views50,265 reply245 ★ 4.83 Last Post
sticky Index Thread PC games | cekidot trit ini dulu sebelum buat trit baru yo |
sticky [NEW] Rules of #528 v3.0 [Baca dulu sebelum post!]
Dori Dori views41,539 reply2 ★ 3.5 Last Post
sticky Thread Jual/Beli = Ban Tanpa Peringatan!
inferno913 views19,615 reply0 ★ 3.57 Last Post
[SHARE] Cek Keaslian Stik XboX 360 PC Anda!
AlphaZen views71,509 reply1,278 ★ 4.58 Last Post
Football Manager 2017 - @id_fm
GMAR views1,789 reply55 ★ 5 Last Post
Pokémon Uranium | Greatest Un-official Classic Game of Pokémon
[BETA] Starbound
Scapula2 views20,846 reply498 ★ 4.09 Last Post
Share Add on Flight Simulator - Part 1
pasha121098 views386,663 reply3,142 ★ 5 Last Post
Fallout 4 || "Welcome Home" || 2015
Xboxmaniac views165,370 reply4,141 ★ 4.61 Last Post
[1 DIRECT LINK ONLY Full Speed] Life is Feudal: Forest Village (v0.9.4078)
[OFFICIAL THREAD] Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 [Love the Past, Play the Future] - Part 1
star31 views39,624 reply846 ★ 4.44 Last Post
bangjune views10,973 reply119 ★ 4.67 Last Post
[1 DIRECT LINK ONLY Full Speed] Parvaneh Legacy of the Lights Guardians-HI2U
• Counter-Strike™ 1.6 Official Thread • - Part 4
Ju.nE views44,285 reply1,067 ★ 4.8 Last Post
[OT] Deus Ex: Mankind Divided | We Asked for This
texhnolyze views6,691 reply188 ★ 5 Last Post


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