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Tempat diskusi seputar games yang dimainkan di Personal Computer (PC)

sticky Nyari Game Bagus Tapi Spek Mentok? [Sebelum Post Baca Page 1]
by cookchef Last Post ★★★★★
sticky PC Games Request, READ PAGE 1 BEFORE REQUEST
by rheygie Last Post ★★★
sticky [REBORN] KASKUS STEAM Original Steam User - Part 1
by RR10 Last Post ★★★★★
sticky Emulator Thread v2.22 [All about emulators on PC] - Read FAQs on 1st page First!!
by Night Walker Last Post ★★★★★
sticky Troubleshooting PC GAME -Harap cek Page 1 dulu sebelum bertanya- - Part 2
by Night Walker Last Post ★★★★★
sticky Index Thread Forum PC Games | Liat Ini Sebelum Buat Thread |
sticky Thread Jual/Beli = Ban Tanpa Peringatan!
by inferno913 Last Post ★★★★
sticky [NEW] Rules of #528 v3.0 [Baca dulu sebelum post!]
by Dori Dori Last Post ★★★★
[FFG] Fight For your Game!
Poll: @id_fm || Football Manager 2015 ~~ Announced !!! ~~
by Pupoe Last Post ★★★★★
Poll: [OT] The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt | SPOILER = BAN
by texhnolyze Last Post ★★★★★
[OT] Lords of the Fallen
by texhnolyze Last Post ★★★★★
[OT] Toukiden: Kiwami - Feudal Japan Monster Hunter
by texhnolyze Last Post ★★★★★
[OFFICIAL THREAD] Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 [The Pitch is ours! ] - Part 1
by pesonkaskus Last Post ★★★★★
[TIPS dan TRICK] Five Nights at Freddy's
by bernardevan Last Post ★★★★★
[Airbase] Flight Simulator Hangar
by FL330 Last Post ★★★★★
Poll: Player Dragon Age Inqusition Mana Suaranya
[OT] Grand Theft Auto V |14 April 2015 | KIFFLOM! - Part 1
by mca_trane Last Post ★★★★★
[Reborn] Counter Strike : Global Offensive - Part 1
by m4rx Last Post ★★★★★
(TANYA) PES 2015 Bagusnya pake Patch apa?


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